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Sale of Pioneer Campers (Actco-Pickering Metal Industries PL)

Good Morning Pioneer Camper Owners,

Please find below our Press Release illustrating that Pioneer Camper Trailers business will be sold to a proud new owner in the very near future. 

Our greatest wish and intention is to see the iconic, premium Pioneer Camper Trailers brand continue and prosper in Australia and beyond for many years to come! 

As our valued customer, we wanted to ensure this communication was reached directly from us rather than you hearing it from another source.

Please be assured that we will continue to honour and engage warranty and service work from our Dandenong South (VIC) facility, at this time.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release
Wednesday 7th March 2018 Pioneer Camper Trailers Announce Sale of Business

Actco-Pickering Metal Industries (APMI), Australia P/L has announced their subsidiary business, Pioneer Camper Trailers is on the market for immediate sale. Hymie Jechilevsky, CEO Actco-Pickering stated “The sale of Pioneer is a critical element of our strategic business expansion and continued transformation of our Australian business. The sale will enable improved business efficiency, focus and profitability of the organisation’s leading brands; Ridgeback Service Bodies and APMI Contracting. These brands continue to represent our specialised expertise in all aspects of high quality metal fabrication, engineering solutions and bespoke commercial products. The sale of Pioneer Camper Trailers and the APMI restructure will be a very positive outcome for our customers and our business.”

Pioneer will cease manufacturing the range of camper trailers, including the acclaimed Mitchell camper trailer, at their South Dandenong, Victoria production facility on 30th March 2018. Pioneer Warranty and Servicing will continue to be fulfilled at the South Dandenong production facility.

Actco-Pickering Metal Industries announced the plan today, including its intention to cease manufacturing of the Pioneer camper trailer range operations this month. The decision to sell the business and cease manufacturing was driven by increasingly challenging market conditions and the organisation’s aggressive growth plans for their other leading brands: Ridgeback Service Bodies and APMI Contracting, which have significantly grown their footprint. “Given the significant growth across our other business units and increased demands for service bodies and rail and defence solutions, we decided that manufacturing camper trailers is no longer a strategic fit for our rapidly-evolving business.” said Hymie Jechilevsky, CEO Actco-Pickering Metal Industries. “We remain committed to our long history of serving Australian customers with the very best products that deliver cutting edge technology and premium workmanship. Given the changing dynamics of the camper trailer and caravan industry, a number of business scenarios were reviewed to determine the future focus for APMI’s Australian Business.” said Jechilevsky.

More Innovation and New Products
As part of the on-going transformation, APMI has robust plans to introduce even more new products for Australian and overseas customers – including a 75 per cent increase in the number of new service bodies offered to Australian B2B, B2C and Government customers by 2019. “We will be designing and producing a number of innovative new products in the next two years, that will excite and support our customers now and into the future.” said Jechilevsky “Our intention is to ensure we continue our commitment to offer our customers an outstanding range of products and first-class customer service standards they have come to expect from us.”

About Actco-Pickering Metal Industries: Actco-Pickering Metal Industries Contracting have been providing specialist quality sheet metal fabrication and component manufacturing services since 1974. We are a specialist metal fabricator, manufacturing high quality sheet metal components, including aluminium and stainless steel products. www.apmi.com.au Ridgeback Service Bodies is one of Australia’s premium manufacturers of fleet and trade service bodies, canopies, truck bodies and bespoke service vehicles. www.ridgebackbodies.com.au

CONTACTS – Actco-Pickering Metal Industries:
Hymie Jechilevsky, CEO – 0413 684 335
Jane Riley, National Sales & Marketing Manager – 0418 338 367
Head Office Main Number: 03) 8791 7555


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Re: Sale of Pioneer Campers (Actco-Pickering Metal Industries PL)

Hopefully the business continues, but as manufacturing has now ceased it doesn't bode well.


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