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Penny - Pioneer Campers
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New Admin :)

Hi all!

My name is Penny and I am the new Service Advisor for Pioneer Campers!

I have been with Pioneer's 'umbrella' company ACTCO-PICKERING METAL INDUSTRIES for around 12 months and have now been given the exciting task of running the Pioneer Service Department here in Victoria!

I have had the pleasure of dealing with a few of you already (hoping you've found the experience a good one so far wink) and look forward to dealing with the rest of you if / when needed!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime either through the forum, by email at service@pioneercampers.com or at the office in Dandenong, Victoria on 03) 8791 7555,

I may not know the answer to all your queries straight away but I have lots of resources at my fingertips so will endeavor to reply as quickly as possible!




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Re: New Admin :)

Hi Penny, thanks for all your help. Great to see Pioneer have created a position to lead the service interface and you do a great job. Responsive and reliable.


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Re: New Admin :)

Welcome Penny!

Thanks for the great service on my last repairs - keeping up Mark's standard smile

The guy in between .... tried to mislead me on three critical issues.  Why make an enemy when your job is to find solutions?



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