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Bent fridge hatch!

It was gonna happen sooner or later.

I dropped the drawbar on the jockey while the fridge hatch was hanging down.  That bent the hinges and the door.

Some amateur panel beating did a fair job of correcting the problem, using a block of wood and a deadblow hammer.  The panel is alloy and not hard to straighten a bit. 

The hinges still pushed the door up higher than desirable so replacements were called for.

That turned into a marathon to source the parts.  Five trips to a hardware or industrial supplies place.  This is what I learned.

The hinges are 70mm x 50mm.  I went for stainless.  The rivets are 5mm diameter countersunk jobs (known I believe as flush rivets in the US).  They don't need much grip length.  I took the shortest the supplier had.

The hinge flange attaching to the door needs cutting back by a few mm to avoid snagging the seal.  This should be done before fitting.

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